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compressing a clavicle compress
take me on to the river, i'll be
under a scalpel bladed artist's fingers
leave what's left of my yawning bones,
marrow weeping
from the wounds
let the incisions bleed
my scars will heal hypertropic,
to the misery
you have wrought
in a coral coated stream
fill my lungs
with melted steel and suspend my spine
on disbelief -
we'll rebuild
on a stone sewn canvas,
painting peonies with
cold tipped claws
bruising shades and hematoma tones we're----
all over;
bandage me
in silverfish shimmers,
grouper gauze
cover ghosting ghost fish blemishes
in seraphic scales
i'll heal
this time
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 1 0
third rail mania shocks town in midst of hail-
high speed speed addicts run fingers
up tracks
on a fast track, snapback snapped back,
sat saddle side on a sidelong, oblong seat
your next station is aviation, lights out on a back lit blue-pink cotton candy reto metro,
another hit, one more syringe, numbing bruises with a stick worth stacks he's
psycho somatic, charismatic, enigmatic black magic paints his fingernails gold, gilded, bronze
his alloy vein
by a mineral mile, mine town coal fire ceremonially lighting an addict pyre he's
from the inside
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 1 0
losing what i've [almost] always had, for now
with the raise of sirens,
air raids, every colon, forty-two,
each hour, on the hour -
i grew.
and i
with my heart,
dropping, stone cold,
to cold stone concrete sidewalks
the fire station - shorter, louder,
too young to breathe, too old to die
patrol cars race my pulse
the scene of a crime to reach the scene of the crime
my paranoia sang a war song
a decomposing decomposition
to my brain,
your car clad operatic
just a back track
artillery shelled and white chalked,
i grew up
to sirens
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 2 2
in great gains and greater losses:
i keep friends like bad habits
let them build and blister and swell,
shallow and common
so immediately unapparent even i
accustomed to the lull, the lap -
discordia humming
to a heart thrum
in grey hazes i peer, nonchalant:
at the cinema, high hills and
steep roads
[ sewing the holes in my sweaters ]
they keep themselves vague and smatter
me in what they call proclamations
of love, trust, faith, or familiarity and
carnage a glowing glare under dark temples,
unseen visages of refracting fractures and
dripping in ice glazed poppies
my knuckles
still bleed
under my teeth
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 1 0
seating leather layover seats
but now, living is waiting
measured in semi crowded rooms and yellow, red
green lights
i miss when the only numbers that mattered
measured you
a meter here, a gallon there
two thousand little glances
per half mile
how long has it been since i lost,
how long have i been in loss,
if i am never gaining
miles pass me by but my speedometer reads zero
miles a day, an hour, a minute, a second
zero gallons; an empty tank can run on so few fumes
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 1 0
pack my bags for me, pull her trigger
i want you
to take your remnants with you
so selfish i want my life
or none of yours, you
betrayer, you traitor
we fit where we were let to
windows down, car radio eating
the wind
as we brokenly sang out of tune and in time
i want you
to suffer in your leisure      
stifle in my misery you accomplice to murder
murderer, you suicide baiter
your southern salt tongue lapping my winter wounds        
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 3 4
bound together by one thousand tiger laces,
cycling bikes through rain on
summer paved streets,
autumn chilled blacktop
empty road and
low noon sunlight
flits through clouds, dense
and deep
everything's grey, grey
black and grey and
blackened grey,
we'd pedal silent, toss back-glanced smiles
through sea tossed hair
main roads, back roads -
loco trails, broken pavement
flat tires, acid wash bark, glass, glass,
of wood
discarded through woods and there's
riding with[out gripping]
no handlebars
thundering through drowning slopes
we'll never ride
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 4 3
a dictionary of impressionably overused vocabulary
i wouldn't have a heart at all
if i hadn't stolen yours
i took your heart and locked it in my
empty bottles of gin
keep it close and hold it tight i wouldn't let myself
lose this fight
i've taken this from your freedom to
and if you could love i wouldn't be the one that you
if there was anyone i would strangle it'd be you
with your own sinew
like a demon i've possessed you i've
repossed my property, your long forgotten gift to me
so i won't barter, i won't trade, i'll take this thieving
to my
and you can't love without a heart, you couldn't with a
my chest was empty before i cut you open
with my claws
now you're just a gaping hull of violence
and i wrap your heart in cigarettes and smoke it on your
empty beds
i wouldn't let you
and if you had loved at all it wouldn't be with your heart your
around my throat i wouldn't breathe, even if i could but i
wouldn't want
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 1 1
screaming echoes through the marsh,
he dozes,
dreary -
he is not the creature
you expected him
to become
sleeping in willow's keep he
drifts through dreams,
thick as oil and more real
than his waking
he is not
the monster
you thought he would be
dripping fangs and nuclear ash he
is a composite
of his own losses, so keen to let go
he's forgotten how
to hold
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 4 3
we hissed, our lungs torn
we could not see, we could not breathe;
lost longingly in eternal sleep
we reached for gallows
hung low in hallows
we could not hear, we could not wake
snatched up - our bones break
between clicking maws,
snow's aching jaws
wanderlust written in the dust,
our echoes bounce off forgotten must
moths slumber in our teeth
cavities; a burial wreath
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 4 0
procrastination never killed anyone
these hands are so tight around
my throat i can't
tell the difference
between my phalanges
and the noose
but what's to claim my as
it's own and what am i
to claim as mine when
i am so damn
on my own rusted nails my own
vague memories
regrets and
a sentimentality i don't have
because i cannot bring myself
to delete the fucking
that's been rotting
in my inbox
second to last journal i'm
the second
to first
a dying dead man's last feature words
have encased me in
something i wasn't
even fucking fast enough
to thank
him for
i'm still waiting to
thank ron
for the feature
i'll save that
for a gravesite grave sighted
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 4 6
blind lenses for the lucid scope
casket confectioneries melt on my tongue this body
is a casket; a medieval
coffin and i am coughing i am;;
eyelids fluttering
but my eyes
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 2 0
he's not here
i won't go,
i won't go,
this promise is an oath
and my flat line
a troth
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 2 0
Never Ever Again by MatieuCanadaWilliams Never Ever Again :iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 1 0
foreign man driven down on local road
he revs his engine sideways
sideswiped from behind on a bend
too short coming, too long turning
steering wheel veering sending
tires skipping
a head-on collision with his cranium
dashboard collapsing
with concave lungs
the pavement exhales smoke through
tar laden tread marks
tarmac breath spat
back to bumper
bumper to back;
she's not
turning back -
hit and run and
this was nothing
he'd thought of running from  
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 4 0
the mortician exhumes a morgue
makeup licked to porcelain
by lapping flames,
solidified and
cracked, melting
to empty bones, hollow sinew
roasted muscle
sunset sets on day and
light pollution
smoke and smog
blot the stars away messily -  
the painted ceiling
painted over
the attict dusts the doll,
starlit starlet lit by vanity mirrors
long since burnt out
she wakes him  
from feverent fever dreams
with coffee weaker than water;
stained a trying brown and
with every deadbeat drip
he stumbles out in moonshine
liquid fox fire in his belly
blue shadows cast
over five o'clock's
at midnight
hissing back at the coffee maker's death rattle,
nails stained purple,
black -
fingertips yellow
- another lost fight
laments itself
skipping mugs as easily as skipping meals he
rattles empty nicotine caskets,
lighter fluid drying splattered
across the canvas on the table  
he doesn't paint cadavers
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 2 0


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